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    Stryker the Zoroark
    From Hawaii to Tokyo, Japan


    It was an easy matter to follow the boy at a distance, as long as the birds made their flying look more natural and less like they were following. Stryker abandoned his Pidgey disguise for that of a mangy-looking Poochyena, focusing on covering his tail with the illusion as well. Not many people paid attention to a dog that appeared to live on the streets and stayed away from humans. It was all going fine, too...until he realized the kid was going to take an airplane trip.

    Snap! What to do?... Stryker could go by water again, but he wasn't anxious to repeat his last trip. Despite all his acquisitions, money for an airline ticket was not one of them. He preferred more natural means of transportation. If he was lucky, he could probably find a Psychic Pokemon that could teleport him to...where? So it seemed like he would have to find a Pokemon to fly him over, following the kid's plane. A flying Pokemon with a passenger would get tired after a few hours, of course...

    Stryker changed his appearance again as they arrived at the airport, now an average-looking human teenager with a backpack, following the boy through the halls and crowds. He looked just often enough to keep an eye on the boy's location and direction, and once he noted the location the boy was looking at, Stryker looked away again and found a seat some yards away. Tokyo, Japan. Several hours away by airplane... He glanced up as a woman in a simple green-and-white dress took the seat next to him, but didn't bother to look again until she turned to him and said, "Something must be up if I've found you here, Stryker."

    Stryker looked back, eyebrow raised. "I'm afraid I don't recognize you at the moment," he replied. He resisted the urge to look down and check his illusion; no one else was acting as if they'd just seen a Zoroark with white highlights. Besides, if she'd just called him by name, then she was probably--

    "Of course you do," the woman commented lightly, "I know you're not that dumb. After all, we've worked together over the last two years. I had to rescue you from those nasty people in Phoenix, remember?" As she talked, her appearance flickered once for a half-second, showing a Gardevoir, before resuming that of a human. "You didn't have the sense to match your appearance to that of the locals, and I ended up knocking those Hitmons unconscious."

    Stryker rolled his eyes. "That was almost two years ago, Diana," he retorted, folding his arms. This Gardevoir had a tendency of locating him by mind. "I was new to the desert. I could ask you, too, why you're here. Haven't met anyone else in our group that doesn't despise gatherings like this." He waved a hand at the surrounding masses of humans.

    Diana giggled. "A little birdie told me." Her tone then turned serious. "I was informed of your current mission, so naturally, I came to assist, as long as it doesn't interfere with my own agenda."

    "Well, no order to interfere so far, and I need to get to Tokyo without falling too far behind. He's taking a plane."

    Diana perked up. "Perfect! My next duties are taking me to Japan. I hope you don't mind an airplane full of people."


    "I know you like using humans' money and IDs for travelling, though I'm not sure where ya get it from, but how can you stand being in the middle of all...them?" Stryker indicated the humans seated all around them, before looking back out the window. It was coincidence - wasn't it? - that Diana had booked a seat on the same plane as the kid, and she'd been able to acquire a ticket for Stryker. He didn't ask how. At least he wouldn't fall behind now.

    "Oh, stop it," Diana replied lightly, relaxed in her seat next to him. They both still had their disguises as humans, so there wasn't alarm. One could say that, among all of the RDM's field agents, Stryker and Diana and a few others were pushing it when it came to using human technology and resources. After all, why would they need them if humankind were somehow destroyed? "Why don't you sleep or fiddle with those gadgets of yours?"


    The darkness turned into light, then cleared as he found himself in the hotel room his master had rented for the week, whatever that meant. He'd always caught snatches of his master's words while inside the PokeBall. They'd already gone to the Gym, then some place where he and the others were healed up after their defeat. This wasn't a suitable training place, so why--

    He loosed a cry of pain as a whip found his back. "You imbeciles." As he scurried a few steps away and turned, he saw his master's arm fall, striking the Stunky that had been on the same team. She immediately scurried to the other side of the bed; she'd been relatively new. "I catch you, I feed you, I train you." His master turned his whip on the Weavile, who flinched but stood his ground. One of the 'veterans', like himself. "You give me victories before. So why not now?!" The whip left a mark on the Seviper, who hissed in pain from his coils on the bed.

    "You!" He turned his attention back to his master, who was glaring at him. "I expected you, at least, to succeed!" What, with the way he'd been treated? "Your failure was the worst. I will make you pay!" The arm drew back in preparation for another flick of the whip.

    Enough. The three of them - Zoroark, Weavile, and Seviper - had had enough. It was time to--


    A slap to his face brought Stryker back awake and hand up to-- "We're here, sleepyhead," Diana stated. "Honestly, I thought you were going to fidget yourself to death for the last hour."

    As they arrived in the baggage claim area, Stryker turned to the disguised Gardevoir. "Well, thanks for the assist," he said, grinning. "Sure saved me a lotta worrying."

    "It's what I do." Diana shrugged. "Now I get to ask you for a favor in the future. Ta." With a wave, the 'woman' turned and disappeared among the humans.

    Stryker settled his backpack on his back before finding the boy again and following him outside, where he casually waited near a bench as he waited for the kid to pick his mode of transportation. On the road again.
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