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    Originally Posted by TotalPotato View Post
    I've played through a bit of this hack, but I'm getting a bit annoyed with it. The problem is that I feel it's unbalanced.

    I'm the kind of guy who doesn't want to waste his time grinding for ages against wild Pokémon to continue. Although it's been tricky, I've managed to reach Highland Town with minimal battles against wild Pokémon. But at this point, you may as well have put up a sign saying "You must grind everyone to level 20 before you can continue" or something. My team of Lv. 14 Swinub, Lv. 18 Oddish and Lv. 19 Eevee is getting more and more overwhelmed the further I go. It's possible that I'll be able to beat the Darkness goons you fight just when you leave Highland Town with Double Team and insane luck... but how many battles am I going to have to do that for? How overlevelled is my Eevee going to get compared to Swinub and Oddish? I can't even buy items to help me because there's a goon in the way, and I'm down to one Energy Root for healing! The only options I see are grinding against the local sub-level 10 Pokémon population (which will be dull and time-consuming) or catching yet another Pokémon (which will be time-consuming and will compound my level problem, not to mention that one of the reasons I love Pokémon is that I can catch pretty much whatever I like and still have a decent shot. It's not like all my Pokémon are the same type or anything!).

    EDIT: It turns out it wasn't as impossible as I thought, but I still think the levels are too high. If you don't want to change the levels, at least let me buy some Super Potions! Or raise the level of wild Pokémon a bit so I don't have to baby them for so long after capture!
    I do agree with most things you've said here; additioanal grinding is needed until you beat the gym leader of Greenwood Town or so. After that, the game is pretty much going to be traveling from place to another, solving things you've gotta solve and so on (without having to return to the latest area to get your pokemon up by a level or two).

    When I started making this, I focused too much on unessential things like "difficulty". Now I pretty much focus only on planning new events ahead and later scripting the difficult ones of them.

    So yeah, I understand what you mean here because I've heard someone in vizzed proboards saying totally the same thing when reviewing the hack. I don't think I'll do anything about how the mart in Highland Town works (not being able to buy anything until taking care of those goons) but I do think I should tone down the amount of level grinding a little bit. Because you'd have to be at a certain level (lv25-29 or so) after defeating the gym leader of Greenwood Town to be able to progress further without any problems, I could make it so that the wild pokemon will be higher leveled in the areas Area 100 to Area 106 (next to Greenwood Town) at least.
    Some trainers (like gym leader Arnold) could also be modified a little bit to make the hack not a challenge but fun to play and for easier progress.
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