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    Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
    Is there a Pokemon/and or move you think should of been a Dark type?
    Shadow Ball and Shadow Claw, definitely. Also Haze, I really don't get why that's Ice type - creating a load of mist and fog to hide in certainly seems like a Dark-type tactic to me. As for Pokémon, I think Seviper certainly should be Dark type! Everything about it just screams "I'm evil!" and it uses some really tricky tactics; a signature feature of most Dark type Pokémon. I reckon Glalie too should be Dark type for the same reason as Seviper since it appears to just be one huge ball of floating evil, but I guess you can't always judge a book by it's cover haha.

    One that I've always been interested about is Lucario - does anyone think he should be joint Dark type? I know he's supposed to be a pure-hearted aura guardian, but being a Dark type doesn't mean the Pokémon has to be evil - it just means it has access to the darker powers and tactics that come with the typing. I'd say Lucario is certainly a Pokémon whom has the appearance of a Dark type with the look in his red eyes and the black face-mask pattern he has, plus he's a Pokémon that relies strongly on tactics to be strong with a lot of tricky moves, so I think Dark could suit him pretty well - especially better than Steel (I have no idea where that typing comes from :p). Thoughts?
    I see what you mean, Lucario certainly has the design of a dark type.....(maybe his steel typing comes from his horn thingies and his chest and paws?). Howeverif you were to classify him based on his abillities pretaining to aura he should be part psychic IMO.