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I'm really fond of some minor things, really. I love that I can swap items between my Pokemon. Very useful for when I'm passing my Lucky Egg through my party. I like that the game asks if you want to use another Repel after the previous one goes out. It's just very convenient.

I made the mistake of not talking to the Medal guy until after I beat the Elite Four

half-an-hour of mashing "A"...
Oh God, I hate that. I haven't spoken to him in my English Black 2 except the mandatory part and I hope I don't accidentally talk to him lmao. v_v I think the concept of the medal system is great, however having to talk to this guy to get them is a pain. I don't ever talk to him and what if I start caring about medals? Then I'm gonna have to sit through an hour of getting them. If they bring this back in the future, I hope that you just kinda auto get the medal, like the achievements on Xbox games.

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