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    Before I start my rant I'm gonna get this out the way. 1. Smoking marijuana is not committing suicide, just like drinking alcohol isn't considered commiting suicide. 2. Other narcotics like heroin, crack, oxy (any prescription pills for that matter), methamphetamine, etc is commiting suicide. Reason I say this is ONE shot of heroin can kill you, ONE line of blow can cause a heart attack, 1 prescription pill can kill you but it's not likely. Marijuana on the other hand WILL NOT kill you. It's literally IMPOSSIBLE to overdose on marijuana. You can smoke a pound in an hour and still won't die. Actually you would of smoked yourself sober by then. Marijuana's the safest "drug" you can put in your body, and I myself don't classify marijuana as a drug.

    Now to get on topic. I don't necessarily believe marijuana should be legalized because that gives drug dealers the power to sell. I think if they legalize it, they control it and sell them it packs like cigarettes. Marijuana isn't dangerous at all but buying by drug dealers can be very dangerous, especially in larger cities. How do you not know the grower the dealer is selling for didn't lace it? True fact here, gang's in cities lace they're products about 85% of the time. In big city's like Chicago where I live that's a lot of laced chronic.

    The gangs up here usually lace they're products with a liquid known as PCP. Don't know what it is, research it, all I gotta say is that IT WILL **** YOU UP AND CAN CAUSE A COMA OR DEATH. People that buy from these gang's actually don't know they're buying from gangs nor do they know that it is laced. Gang's mask it so well that you don't know your smoking PCP until you wake up in the hospital or never wake up again. Gang's recruit people to sell they're products, but they're arent in the gang, they're just making a little cash. So before you know it you got thousands of dealers selling laced marijuana.

    So for my debat, it's kind of hard to say because gang's are still gonna be in the picture. It might die down a little if you can get them in cartons. It would also be a lot safer cos you know it's not gonna be laced. Before you go and quote my stuff, believe it or not, every city has gangs and in every city gang's sell marijuana or any other drugs. Laced weed isn't an issue in urban areas but is in cities or suburbs. I know about this because I know people that know people in gangs and they have told me they lace they're marijuana with PCP. Research gang's in general you will see that they all lace they're marijuana with something. It's not a rare thing, it's really common.
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