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    Originally Posted by G3neSESS View Post
    i cant remember much about KoN but from what i can i believe you have to be a certain level in order to initiate the DLC quests. also i believe that level would be 10. i could be wrong as i usually just play the original oblivion disc on 360 and not the expansions but the lvl 10 requirement for DLC are common in TES.
    Ah... he is level one. I'll see if it registers on my main character. They're beyond level ten.

    EDIT* Just tried it, and there's still no Prophet, and there's still no mention of the attack. Any other ideas for me?

    EDIT** Does it matter about the characters I have, or do I have to have finished a different quest beforehand? Someone please help!

    EDIT*** (I know, I'll stop doing edits soon! ) I think the problem with my main character is... he's kind of... got a lot of Infamy. That might be why The Prophet isn't showing up. I'll get my Knight up to level 10 or so, and then see if he's there. He's level 2 though... anyone got a way for me to level up quickly (without thieving or murder)? <-- I love that smiley!!!! <3
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