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Originally Posted by SuperSnivy View Post
Species: Rufflet
NN (Optional): ? (Don't know what it means)
Gender: Female
Nature(s): Jolly or Adamant
Best IV's (Max 2): Speed or Attack
Egg Moves: None
Ability: Keen Eye
TM/Move Tutor: Superpower (Optional)
EDIT: Can you name the Rufflet Hawkeye? Thank you!

Also, can I adopt the Vullaby? For both, I can offer a Female Dream Radar Shuckle. Thanks!
Sure thing! For starters, Rufflet can only be male. I'm not going to move tutor it Superpower because it learns it by level up. I'll get breeding right now!

Also, NN means Nickname. I can also nickname the Vallaby if you'd like!

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