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Originally Posted by ShinyUmbreon189 View Post
Now to get on topic. I don't necessarily believe marijuana should be legalized because that gives drug dealers the power to sell. I think if they legalize it, they control it and sell them it packs like cigarettes. Marijuana isn't dangerous at all but buying by drug dealers can be very dangerous, especially in larger cities. How do you not know the grower the dealer is selling for didn't lace it? True fact here, gang's in cities lace they're products about 85% of the time. In big city's like Chicago where I live that's a lot of laced chronic.
I really don't think you'd need to worry about it, because the reason that it's sold by dealers and bought on the streets the way it is now is because they're illegal. If they were available as regularly as cigarettes, like you said, do you really think that drug dealers would has a business in the marijuana department, when they could just go to the nearest convenience store and purchase some? ... that's assuming that it's controlled like you suggested.

Also, I'm not trying to downplay the seriousness of lacing, but if you're interested in buying from a dealer, you should really know something about them and have complete trust that they won't tamper with the product. If you don't have that, you shouldn't even consider buying from them.
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