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Spark awoke to a loud slam, outside she could hear yelling. She crawled toward the wall she had heard the bang at. A muffled argument "I saw you steal it."

"I swear I didnt take it!" Another slam against the wall, Spark assumed it was a fight.

She heard two more voices, "We are going to string you alive."

"When we get done with you, there won't be anything left to eat!"

Eat? They must be cannibals or something. Her stomach lurched, Well if this wall is all that is keeping me from helping that boy, then who am I to not intervene. The wall wasn't very strong, worn with age, and she did have her increased strength from her spirit. She slipped on her wire gloves, yet to be tested and kicked the wall down. Fortunately she had kicked just to the left of the victim. "You guys disturbed my sleep, and worst of all, I had to kick my wall down!"

"Who the hell are you!?" One yelled

"Who cares, more food for us!" Another growled.

The three were but teens, not old enough to be adults, but not young enough to have gotten a spirit. "I swear to Arceaus that if you don't leave, I will break your teeth." She pointed to the first, "Your arm," The second, "and make you have plenty of broken ribs." She pointed at the last and made a fist.

They ran at her angered, "Why does nobody take the threat!?" She yelled. She stood there unmoving. "Come on!" The three boys stabbed at her and punched at her. They stood confused as their attacks did nothing. Spark stood on top of the roof, holding the victim. "You really think I'd fight with this boy still down there? What if I accidentally punched him, or blew him up. Like my tricke by the way? I broke the wall down and sent a double team clone in my place! Well you tried to attack me and I made a promise." She dusted off her clothes, "So I better fulfill it!" She put the boy down on the roof, "Don't go anywhere!"

She leaped down, doing a flip, and kicking the second boy in the chest, breaking his ribs, "Oops, wrong guy! I was going to break your arm. Oh well I will break his arm." The boy she was referring to ran up behind her, though Spark just ducked grabbed his arm, and slammed it down on the ground. "Ooh, maybe I went down a bit too hard." The last guy backed up slowly, "See that one is smart! I'll spare him, someone has to carry home their buddies."

She fused with Xatu, covered her right eye and flew to the top of the building. "What exactly did you steal?" A thief was a thief, and she needed to know why this boy had stolen anything. He was much younger than the others, he could possibly have a spirit.

"Myself." He said in a low tone, "They captured me, intent on eating me. Since I had a spirit I was able to escape, but I was told not to kill anyone before I left. I'm glad you saved me, I didn't want to fight unless I needed to, but I didn't want to get eaten either."

"Wait, you said you didn't fight back because someone told you not to!?"

"Yea but now I don't have to listen to them because I am in your debt." He bowed his head, "I promise to do as you say!"

"Well I'm going somewhere, you can not follow. Though I like your offer, what can you do, except blind obedience."

"I suppose I can read and write." He murmured. Spark noticed that the boy had something hidden in his clothes.

"That is good! How about you write me a note, you can be my messenger. Do you have something to write with?"

He pulled out a small paper book, and an inkwell, "Mind if I, uh" He pulled a feather off of Spark, "What do you want me to write? Who is this for?"

"Ouch, that was painful, normally you wait for the answer before taking things!" She rubbed the spot of the missing feather, "Write, Dear Aria, I'm heading East looking for a place that is a safe haven for those who want it. I apologize for leaving you so abruptly, but it is of the greatest importance that I do this. Aria, I must ask you to save as many children on your way to wherever as you can, please. Your friend Spark. Can you give this to the girl I describe?" She described Aria, "If my right eye is correct, she may be passing through this city, though I see another person, so be wary. I will meet you back in this city at some other point."

"Okay Spark, can I ask if I may also assist you in saving children? I promise not to kill if you ask me to."

"Go ahead and kill whoever you need to save children, I don't care. Just get that note to Aria." She began to hover, flapping her wings, "I need to go, I'm trusting you kid!"
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