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    Usually the laced drugs get sold to teens or people that are just starting. I'm not gonna lie I smoke marijuana but I personally know the grower and he doesn't tamper it. I still believe there would be some sort of dealers for busniess around but not what it's like now. People that sell it do it mainly for the thrill of it being illegal and showing that if something is legalized it's still gonna get around. I think if it was legalized people wouldn't get a thrill from it anymore because you can go up to a head shop or gas station and buy it lol. (head shop isn't adult shop btw it's a store that sells pieces, bongs, bubblers, vaporizers, etc)

    If I were to legalize it this is what I would do to stop transporting it or selling it on the streets, cos it would still exist. Even tho it's legalized if you get caught with a pound your going to jail. 1 Pound of marijuana is business whichever way you look at it. No ones just gonna carry around a pound in they're backpack to smoke. Now an oz on the other hand isn't enough to sell. Yea he could sell 28 grams but most people buy in 1/8, (3 grams) 1/4, (7 Grams) 2/4 (half an oz 14 grams)or oz's. (28 grams). So if it were to be legalized you should only carry up to an oz on you, no more than that is considered a crime.

    I mainly think it should be legalized cos the govt. shouldn't worry about what were doing with our body's. Porn is somewhat considered prostituion cos they're getting payed lol, but it's they're choice to do what they want with they're body. Not to mention other drugs will kill you unlike this 7 leaf plant. Tobacco and alcohol are more dangerous than marijuana. Alcohol in moderation is ok, so marijuana in moderation should be okay. I smoke almost everyday and there's nothing wrong with me.
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