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    Hey everyone, I'm back.

    It's been a while since I was on here actively, and hope to be around as active as I used to be. Not really going to apply to any teams as a writer for at least a while - Looking to just hangout, maybe start my fan-fic up again, and keep myself updated on the hacks I was looking forward to playing. Along with hacks in progress now and in the future. For those that remember me or anyone that may be interested: If you ever get stuck with writers block, want a second opinion on story/plot, or just want some idea's for story/plot/missions/etc, feel free to PM/VM me. Would love to help out and/or advise anyone that needs it.

    Looking forward to the times ahead,

    If ever you're looking for some help in writing a plot/events/etc for a hack or a fan-fic, I wouldn't mind offering some suggestions - Just PM/VM me.
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