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Aaron Donaldson


Goldenrod city

Aaron was born and raised in the hustle and bustle of Johto's busiest and most populated city, also known as Goldenrod city. His father was a nomadic Pokémon trainer and his mother was one of the region’s most famous Pokémon healthcare experts. She, along with a group of her peers, discovered how different berries had different effects on Pokémon. His father competed in each of the five most prestigious Pokémon League tournaments in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova. He was approached by Tohjo’s Elite Four to take Agatha’s place upon her departure but he humbly refused, opting to spend time with his family, where his wife had just given birth to their firstborn son, Aaron.

Much was expected from Aaron, his potential was clearly visible from a very young age. Anyone who witness him battle would swear that he was going to become an incredible trainer. A few months before he left on his journey at age 15 (he was late starting because he was a participant in one of Johto’s few extensive battling schools), the national newspaper published an article about him in ‘Johto’s Up and Coming Trainers,’ where all of Johto’s next big things were predicted. This went to his head and before long Aaron had become part of the wrong crowd. He received his first Pokémon, a Bagon, which immediately adopted its owners superior attitude. The last week before he was set to start his adventure, Aaron and his group of friends were caught harassing a young boy in Goldenrod’s Underground.

Aaron’s parents then were outraged at him and kicked him out of their house without any money, food or assets. However, this was just a test as Aaron’s father followed him from afar. Aaron decided to start journeying his home region and began collecting Gym badges from all over. Upon defeating Claire for his 8th badge, Aaron opted to participate in Johto’s Pokémon League, finishing respectfully in the Top 16. He then returned home to a very warm welcome from his parents, one which he wasn’t expecting. His parents told him all of how they only kicked him out to motivate him, and even though he was sceptical at first, Aaron eventually decided to agree with them.


Aaron is a very tall young man, a trait he inherited from his father. He stands at just over 6 foot, and has a very slender build. He is very agile, and escaping dangerous scenarios are just one of his specialties. His blonde hair seems to be out of control, all being brushed forwards, except his fringe which is brushed over to the side. His hair line lies just above his dazzling green eyes, which shine like emeralds. His lips are a naturally pale pink colour, and his nose is very straight angled.

Aaron can usually be seen wearing a burgundy, short sleeved shirt with patterns of very small, white Pidgey imprinted all over it. This shirt is tucked into a pair of faded, skinny denim jeans. His black belt is therefore visible, with a Pokéball symbol serving as the buckle. A pair of burgundy converse, matching his shirt are worn to protect his feet, and are of the low top variety. In colder conditions he also wears an electric-blue coloured, zip up hoodie as well. On his back is a black, one strap backpack containing essentials such as food, money, Pokéballs and Pokéfood.


Aaron is an outgoing, confident individual who could even be described as cocky. Whenever an opportunity arises, he will thrust himself in the spotlight. At times, he craves attention and will do anything to achieve it, even putting others down on the way. He enjoys having a laugh with his friends, and can be completely oblivious to the mood surrounding him, for example if everyone is upset he may try and be funny etc.

Aaron can at times be very nice and caring though, however this is more to Pokémon than to humans. He sees Pokémon as superior to humans, and feels privileged to work alongside his own Pokémon. He despises groups who exploit Pokémon/use them as slaves such as Team Rocket, and other similar organisations.

From a young age, Aaron has had an obsession with Pokémon Battling. This is probably a result of watching his father battle when he was a child. He tries to use a similar battling strategy to his father, yet tries to make slight, subtle adjustments to suit his own Pokémon Party. His strongpoint is his predictions and his knowledge of Pokémon’s strengths. However occasionally his confidence gets the better of him and he becomes complacent. This often leads to him losing the battle, such as his elimination in the Johto League, where his opponent was down to one Pokémon while Aaron himself had all three of his available. His opponents Ursaring took down his Shelgon, Scyther and Girafirg.


Name: Shelgon
Ability: Rockhead
Gender: Male
Moveset: Dragon Claw, Crunch, Flamethrower, Protect
Bio: Shelgon was the first Pokémon that Aaron received as his own. It was the offspring of his father's Salamance. As a Bagon it was very much like Aaron, mischievous and cocky, but since it evolved it has matured somewhat. Shelgon and Aaron have always been close, and the Dragon type Pokémon would risk its life for his owner. Shelgon evolved in the battle against Chuck for Aaron's fifth Gym badge.

Name: Swampert
Ability: Torrent
Gender: Male
Moveset: Earthquake, Surf, Ice Beam, Return
Bio: Before Aaron left on his voyage around Johto, his mother handed him an egg. Inside this egg lay a Mudkip. From the moment it hatched the Mudkip was always very happy, and was always running around. The Water-Ground type is always hyper and also has a strong bond with Aaron. It evolved into Marshtomp while battling Whitney's Miltank and evolved again while battling Jasmine's Steelix.

Name: Magneton
Ability: Sturdy
Gender: Genderless
Moveset: Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon, Zap Cannon, Sonicboom
Bio: Aaron's Magneton was caught on Johto's Route 38 as a Magnemite. At first the Electric-Steel type was very shy and timid around Aaron's other Pokémon, but eventually became more and more like itself, and as soon as it became confident it evolved to protect Aaron and the rest of his Pokémon against a group of wild Tauros.

Name: Arcanine
Ability: Intimidate
Gender: Female
Moveset: Flamethrower, Extremespeed, Flare Blitz, Endure
Bio: Arcanine was Aaron's pet Growlithe during his time living with his family in Goldenrod. When Aaron returned to Goldenrod to challenge Whitney, Growlithe left Aaron's family home and came and found Aaron himself. He then became a key part of Aaron's team, single handedly taking down Morty and his Ghost types. She evolved when looking through Aaron's bag for food and touching a Fire Stone.

Name: Breloom
Ability: Effect Spore
Gender: Male
Moveset: Mach Punch, Swords Dance, Seed Bomb, Sky Uppercut
Bio: Breloom is the latest member to join Aaron's party. The Grass-Fighting type was captured upon Aaron and his fathers visit to Rustboro city in the Hoenn region to visit Aaron's uncle Lucas. While there, Breloom invaded Lucas' farm and began eating all the crops. Roxanne, the local Gym leader, and Aaron went to stop it. After a single Swords Dance, Breloom knocked out Roxanne's Golem and Probopass with a single Seed Bomb and Sky Uppercut respectively. In the end, Aaron's Arcanine took down the Breloom, which was then caught by Aaron

Roleplay Sample:
Carlos Fierro
Chapter Three
Part two

'Well, as you can see Carlos, my assistant here is in a wetsuit and oxygen tank,' the Professor began, evoking a chuckle to escape my lips, it wasn't exactly a secret was it? I quickly recovered my composure, as she continued speaking, 'We were planning on exploring the Deep Doors, but I feel too old to be involved in the exploration.'

'The Deep Doors?' I asked out of curiosity. The sun was beginning to emerge from behind the clouds, and the heat felt good on my skin.

'Yes. The Deep Doors are the caves found deep underwater just outside of the city.' She answered, getting a swift nod of understandment in response. 'We were hoping to obtain pictures of the Pokémon that reside down there, rumour has it that there are even a Tirtouga or two down there!' Upon hearing the last point, I became very excited. Tirtouga was supposedly an extinct Pokémon! 'We were hoping you'd be able to keep Joel company while he examines the Pokémon in their natural habitat.'

'Of course Professor, that sounds great!' I exclaimed. The three of us made our way to where Cypress's assistant got her under-water gear, and she rented some out for me. I kitted myself up and we made our way to the sea on the outskirts of the town.

I stared into the clear blue sea, that was seemingly sparkling in the sunlight. 'It's beautiful isn't it,' I said admiringly before pulling on my oxygen mask. Cypress just nodded in response. I launched one of the capsules containing one of my Pokémon into the air, and Corphish emerged. Joel mimicked my actions, releasing a Pokémon I didn't know the species of. 'Wow, your Milotic is astonishing,' the Professor stated, clearing up its species. The assistant and I exchanged a nod before lunging into the ocean that awaited us followed by our Pokémon.

The water was icy cold, the wetsuit I wore did seemingly nothing to repel the cold. I was about to force myself back to the summit of the water, as was what my instinct was telling me to do, but forced it to the back of my mind. Both Joel and I, along with our Pokémon swam deeper and deeper into the wonderful sea, passing many Pokémon on our way, mostly Clamperl and Magikarp, before we arrived at the cave we were looking for.

Before entering, we noticed to glowing red orbs in the darkness. Immediately, I had a bad feeling about them, but Joel and his Milotic began swimming towards the cave, seemingly eager to see what the bright red spheres were. He quickly clicked a picture of the inside of the cave, and as the flash went off my fears were confirmed. In the entrance of the cave lay a torpedo shaped shark, with teeth bared, was growling. It was a Sharpedo! The shark darted for Joel, who froze. In the split second it would have taken for Sharpedo to get to the male, it was intercepted by Corphish, the crab's pincers, closed so it was like a fist, dug into the underbelly of the dark blue Pokémon, that threatened my colleague.

When the shark turned to Corphish, Joel's Milotic fired a Water Pulse at it colliding with its rear sending it into the outer wall of a nearby cave. Our Pokémon shot each other looks of thanks, before preparing for battle. Joel and I exchanged looks of an anxious nature. The shark emerged seconds later and chomped down on the midsection of Milotic, only to receive a full on tackle from Corphish forcing it to release Joel's Pokémon. The Milotic then whipped its body around and lashed the shark across the face with its tail. This was followed up by Corphish slashing down on the sharks face with its pincers. Both Milotic and Corphish ended the battle by sending powerful streams of high pressured water at the Sharpedo and forcing it away. I was very surprised that water type moves would work under water so emphatically!

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