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Originally Posted by WarriorCat View Post
I have four cards, I don't know if they'll be worth much or not, but that's why I'm here. :) I'll describe it the best I can.

1. Ursaring - 89/95 - HS Unleashed - It has a shiny star where the rarity symbol is, the outer edge, background behind Ursaring, and the name is Holo. Perfect Condition.

2. Gallade Lv.X - 106/111 - Platinum: Rising Rivals - It has Lucian's face on the lower right corner of Gallade's picture, has a black star as rarity symbol, the X in the name is gold. Perfect Condition.

3. Luxray Lv.X - 109/111 - Platinum: Rising Rivals - Volkner's face on lower right corner of picture, has a black star for rarity, the X is gold. Perfect Condition.

4. Giratina Lv.X - 124/127 - Platinum - The X is gold, the Outer edge, background behind Giratina, and Gold X is holo, shiny star for rarity. Perfect Condition.
Ursaring Prime - $2 to $5

Gallade Lv. X - $5 to $8

Luxray Lv. X - $6 to $9

Giratina Lv. X - $5 to $8

Originally Posted by LilJz1234 View Post
Can we post any cards here? Including the ones that have been cycled out?
Yes! Though I'd rather if you didn't post commons and uncommons that are from any set other than the Base Set.

Originally Posted by pokemoner2500 View Post
any card can be appraised here!
Pretty much!

Originally Posted by transformerthoom View Post
Wow, is the value decrease that much ? It's the same card right ? I saw an ended auction from the english one where the final bid was $600, and there's one up now for $232 which has 5 hours remaining.
There's a french one that has 5 days remaining that already has an $100 bid on it so i'm not complaining but just curious.
I also have an E Skyridge Holo Charizard, was wondering what that was worth too.
Cheers anyways, transformerthoom.
The value decrease is really that much simply because the French card is far less sought after, only being printed in French-speaking countries, while English-language cards can be used in any country that has an organized play league. Also partially because Amazon and eBay are predominantly composed of English-speaking users.

Crystal Charizard is anywhere from $60 to $90, unless it's PSA graded.
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