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1. Before the first gym, you are allowed to train and use only one Pokemon. Once you defeat the gym with it, it must be either released or permanently boxed. This rule applies for all gyms. eg. I use Squirtle until I beat Brock, then release it and use Pidgey until I defeat Misty and so on.
2. For the Elite Four, you can use one Pokemon for each member and one for the champion (five in total) but you must not send in any other Pokemon against the member. You can not send in another Pokemon to heal either.
3. If the designated Pokemon faints and you have other Pokemon in your party, you must let them die. They may NOT gain any experience.
4. HM slaves are cool, as long as you don't battle with them.
5. You may not reuse Pokemon. eg. If I used Pidgey between the first and second gym, I may not catch another pidgey and use it for the third gym.
For Emerald: The game doesn't end until you defeat Steven, who is treated as a gym leader.
For HG/SS: The game doesn't end until you defeat Red, who is treated as a gym leader.
For B/W: After the first elite four battle, you may only use one Pokemon for the final two battles against N and Ghetsis. The game doesn't end until you defeat the elite four twice, with Alder. You must use different Pokemon the second time. If you wish, you could beat Cynthia, treating her as a gym leader.


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