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    Originally Posted by Sandshrew4 View Post
    (I also need a vocalist, bass or lead guitarist, and a keyboardist XD)
    Well, that's not a lot at all xD

    Originally Posted by Kroso View Post
    To be honest, even though this club is inactive, The musicians surley aren't! I've to say myself to be honest, I'm very passonate about what I play on the bass and trombone. Even though I usually fiddle on the bass from time to time. I'm actually thinking to see if I can bring one of my ideas to life. I've all the recording software, I just need to wait till I have time to do so. I can't wait until I actually bring the idea to life. :D.
    I'm glad to hear that. I really hope you finish it soon. I'd like to hear a piece of music by my fellow PC-ers.

    Anyway, guys, I have some spare time in the next 3 weeks, so I had a cool idea (Well, at least it's cool in my head xD ). We should form a band! Not in real life, since we're all a couple thousand miles apart. It'd work like this: Each band member would record his/her part of a song, and then someone who is good with video-editing would put all of the recorded videos together (Like a split screen) and in sync. I could do lead guitar.

    I hope it's not a stupid idea... what do you think?