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    Originally Posted by Keiran777 View Post
    I believe you would have to either level up a Mart in your Join Avenue (after 3rd badge) or grind PWT (after 5th IIRC maybe before) for BP and buy them @ 1 BP each.

    I assume you meant places you could acquire mass amounts, I don't have a list of all the ones you find on the ground anyway lol.

    If you go the Mart/Join Avenue route there are 2 different types of Marts that sell 3 different kinds of Vitamins each. (I recommend Serebii's article on it for specifics.) The vitamins are unlocked at rank 5, 6 and 7 Marts which isn't too bad. If you level them in conjunction with Dojo's/Cafes you save tons of time in the long run anyway as they both train EVs in mass amounts cheaply!
    I'm sorry, what are PWT and IIRC?

    When you say "Mart/Join Avenue", you mean shops I set up in Join Avenue?

    On the subject of Join Avenue, what exactly do the Dojos do? I've skimmed over the Serebii article but I'm wondering about more specific details. Do they fill up a Pokemon's EV potential in place of vitamins or do they give [email protected] an even higher EV ceiling? Are Dojos more effective than vitamins?
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