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Originally Posted by ShinyUmbreon189 View Post
I'm playing Platinum and I'm lost on my in game team. I ALWAYS chose Empoleon so I knew in advance what team I needed to run. With Infernape I'm kinda really lost. Tbh I've never used him in Platinum. Reason I'm lost is cos I need a good water and electric Pokemon. I'm aiming for a team I've never ran before and I've used quite a few Pokemon in the past in Platinum or any game for that matter. I wanna say away from Luxray, I mean he's good but I always had him on my team, and again I'm choosing Infenape so Empoleon is out of the question.

So far I only got 2 Pokemon planned out and that is Infernape and Gardevoir. I'm choosing Gardevoir over Gallade because Gallade is a physical attacker and by the time I get the Shiny Stone I'll of already passed up most of his good moves so I'm stuck with Gardevoir. Once I figure out my water and electric Pokemon I'll be able to complete my team. Also is a grass very useful in Platinum? I always had Roserade but if you guy's don't recommend Vapreon I'm thinking about trying Leafeon for the first time if he's worth it.

These are the moves my 2 Pokemon are gonna have and why.

Infernape - Flare Blitz, Shadow Claw, Close Combat, U-Turn/Stone Edge
Flare Blitz and Close Combat are both very powerful STAB moves so it's a no brainer for him. I'm running a physical Infernape btw. Shadow Claw covers it's Psychic weakness and if I go with Stone Edge it takes care of it's Flying weakness.

Gardevoir - Shadow Ball, Psychic, Calm Mind, Reflect
Psychic is a STAB and covers its Ghost and Bug weaknesses leaving only Dark. Shadow Ball also covers Ghost as well but also takes out Psychic types. Calm Mind makes for a sure special sweeping combo and Reflect to increase it's Defense when needed, for it has terrible defense.

Please don't recommend Empoleon over Infernape cos I believe I've made it clear and I'll just ignore your post. If you know where I can get a Shiny Stone early on in the game then say so, or if Gallade would be better than Gardevoir. I beleive Gardevoir is a solid Poke on my team so it really depends. I will put moveset changes into consideration but I personally think they are solid. Please, I repeat PLEASE don't recommend Focus Blast with Gardevoir. I know it covers it's Dark weakness but it's not worth fainting over because of it;s 70% acc. I went down that rabbit hole once with Dragon Rush and never again will I do that.
Why not try Quagsire for a Water-type? It's a little slow, but quite bulky. You can catch them on the southern (rainy) part of Route 212, and it's part-Ground, granting it immunity to Electric. It's got a solid movepool and access to Ice Beam to counter Grass-types.

If you want a good Grass-type not named Roserade, you should give Leafeon a go. It's movepool may not be the best, but its high Defense allows it to take a few physical hits and STAB Leaf Blade hits really hard.

Gardevoir can also use Thunderbolt via TM, eliminating the need for an Electric-type. Most Psychics can learn Thunderbolt, Shock Wave and/or Charge Beam so keep that in mind.
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