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    We are in need for some help in developing a Pokemon game that's quite different from the rest:
    This post will be changed as new members join the project and help develop games of Pokemon that has never been invented yet

    Prior to joining requirements: If you want to join and help the development team out,there are somethings we have to consider....
    -Have a open mind to anything and everything that comes to you,we will be making Pokemon games that are to some quite strange and maybe even odd or something that has never been thought of yet, We are open to the possibilitys of thinking differently to make games differently...

    -I or another person in the team will screen ya so see if you do have the skills for to job that The Pokemon Improvement Project needs,which mean...Examples of your work are needed

    Recruiting Team Member

    -Team name:The Improvement Project(developing and making unusuall games and coming up with strange ideas is our passion)

    -Team Leader: @pokefangames

    -Current Members: MegamanDX(designer and story writer) ,pokefangames(programmer and project leader),Nour386(Story and Plot editor),@Phenos Sodazel(graphic artist for "Classic Mode)[4 members]

    -Current Game title:Pokemon Battle Network Flame & Grass,Developing Pokemon Tin/Steel

    -Current progress made:Post Development Concept phase for Pokemon Battle Network Concept phase for Pokemon Tin/Steel

    -Game engine: Unity 3D

    -Position(s) needed:As of right now)map artist(able to draw out the Kanto region map in Pokemon Black and White style) and 3D graphic artist(capable of drawing Pokemon,humans with a computer or pen and paper at good quality as well as drawing out how certain game play features with me giving descriptions of the game play)

    -Timezone: Im usually online mostly everyday around 5PM-11PM PST,If I dont reply or another member of our project dont reply to you then we will get back to you usually in 24 to 48 hours

    -Preferred Method of contact: You can email me at [email protected] which is the fastest method or contact me or @pokefangames with a PM(Private message)on this forum
    Edit: or you can contact me via skype and you will be put in the group

    -Additional info:This post will be edited when we get farther in development of Pokemon Battle network as more people will be needed to help out to project with development...I was the one who came up with the idea for Pokemon Battle Network as a Pokemon game that will bring anime style battling to Pokemon. We also just got started with Pokemon Battle Network so we dont have much progress othern then me drawing out concepts with my bad art skills and another member wanting to make some change as well as a challenge for his programming skills....
    Im also writing the story for it but when I need some help with some beta readers(people who can fix spelling errors and slight edits as well)and help me out on the story...Ill edit this post to reflect this.

    This post is subject to change without noticed as more people are required for help on the project, please be aware of this.

    Thank you for your help! Your help will make many Pokemon fans happy in the end!
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