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Originally Posted by Checkers_Albino_Umbreon View Post
I added that little bit because I was at my Grandma's house and I had to get off before I could finish. But I am more of a short story person. If I added more it would be to long for me and I could get a little bored and stray off topic. But thanks for the pointers! Well, the cardboard box that I thought about was a little small and I liked the sewer idea. I wanted to have some "random puddle of nuclear waste" because it would make the story a whole lot more interesting. Plus I liked the idea of a poison type eevee-lution. I will fix that typo. Thanks again for the pointers!

Then you save it, finish it later, then post the entire chapter. As of right now it's not a short story; it's a paragraph.

Overall there are so many errors I won't even bother to get to them. Aside from what the others have said there are more errors that weren't mentioned already. I suggest using a writing program, that will catch the basic errors like spelling. Anything like Word or OpenOffice would do.

Why are you just adding random things that have nothing to do with the story? It's a bad idea and distracting for anyone who bothers to read this.

Originally Posted by Checkers_Albino_Umbreon View Post
It may not be the best. But I like it. It doesn't need to go in the archives. I like it. So it's in the archive of my mind.
That's great for you, but not for posting on the forums. There are rules and guidelines you have to follow.
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