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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
But really, is it a matter of your intentions or how they are perceived? Because if you are a person who does say "Merry Christmas" / is a Christian you're in the majority (in the US, UK, Canada, etc.) so you have a certain privilege. It doesn't really affect you if someone wishes you Happy Hanukkah the way it would affect a Jewish person to be wished "Merry Christmas." (For a parallel example, a black person having to hear racial jokes from white people about black people is not at all the same thing if you reversed it.) Of course it's rather a small thing to begin with, nothing that would really hurt anyone like racial jokes, which is why it still seems strange that people are so resistant to saying anything but "Merry Christmas."

I don't mean to single you out. Yours was just the first reply on this page.
Even though I now say Happy Holidays to customers and other people I don't know to be friendly, saying Merry Christmas before just came naturally, based on what people around me said when I was growing up. Even when I went to school, the student body was very multicultural, and everyone said Merry Christmas over any other phrase during the holiday season (including a couple of my friends throughout elementary and middle school who were Jewish and celebrated Hanukkah). And while it is better to say Happy Holidays as it can apply to everyone, I just think it strange where it's come to the point (like at my work, for example) that we've been forbidden from saying Merry Christmas, as if it was intended or being perceived as offensive.

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