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It isn't.

When you see a Pokémon, you also record its form and mark that as seen too. This allows it to be viewed in the Forms page of the Pokédex. In your case, you would want every form to be available. The Debug option "Fill boxes" does this; here's the code it uses (slightly tweaked for your purposes):

$Trainer.formseen=[] if !$Trainer.formseen
$Trainer.formlastseen=[] if !$Trainer.formlastseen
for i in 1..PBSpecies.maxValue
  $Trainer.formlastseen[i]=[] if !$Trainer.formlastseen[i]
  $Trainer.formlastseen[i]=[0,0] if $Trainer.formlastseen[i]==[]
  if !$Trainer.formseen[i]
  for j in 0..27
This is what you should use.
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