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Originally Posted by LovePidove View Post
omg this challenge is so cool and it makes a pretty picture when you screenshot them! Is there a certain color that's easier or harder to use? And starters dont count right?
Thanks, I think the HOF screens look cool too as one color . I would say the colors that have a lot of pokemon, like Blue or Red, can be easier to do than others, since you can get quite a bit of type variety, but it also depends on the game you are playing. And of course starters count, as long as you pick their color.

here's an update, my first for Pink in the Sinnoh region.

Update on Ultimate Monocolor Challenge (Pink).

Update #1 on Platinum.

Name: Pink (girl ofc!)
Rival: Barry
Starter: Turtwig
  • Started with Turtwig, who helped me beat the first gym easily.
  • Eventually arrived in Florama Town and got the Honey, which I used to attract and catch Sakura the Cherubi.
  • Sakura beat Mars with Leech Seed and Bullet Seed.
  • Went through Eterna Forest with Claire's help to Eterna City.
  • Caught Fable the Cleffa in Mt. Coronet, then took on the gym.
  • Gardenia was tough since Sakura could only attack with Petal Dance, but I defeated her with 6 Growths and some Super Potions.
  • Cleared out the T.G. Eterna Building and beat Jupiter.
  • Headed to Cycling Road, and Fable evolved into Clefairy!
  • I am currently saved underneath Cycling Road.

Team Pink:

Fable the Gentle Clefairy, ♀ - L27 @ Amulet Coin
Ability: Magic Guard
Moves: Return, Wake-Up Slap, Magical Leaf, Cosmic Power

Sakura the Bold Cherrim, ♀ - L28
Ability: Flower Gift
Moves: Petal Dance, Sunny Day, Leech Seed, Growth

HM Slaves:

Grotle - Rock Smash, Cut, Flash

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