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Originally Posted by RichterSnipes View Post
You're probably putting a bit too much thought into those. The images in the "Extras" spoiler tag are meant to showcase a few of the extra features as seen in the patch description. For example, notice how the player is facing that bug catcher before battling him in Viridian Forest. Seems correct, right?

Well, that's how it should be. Those images should all feel either "right" or "convenient" in some sort of way. Your mention of the Route 10 image fulfills the latter duty. That particular pic is meant to show off the one-cut trees in the game. Note how all the trees are gone when the player flies back to Route 10 (presumably after cutting them previously). Trust me, these subtle differences can add up.
Oh I see it now! That makes sense :D
I was probably enjoying the side-quests so much I was inconsciously hoping and searching for more ahah

Love the hack tho, congratulations! Fire red should have been made this way, kudos
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