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    Marisa Ryunatta - Chapter 5 - Vampire District

    I didn’t dare look in the direction of my ‘partner’. I knew who was on the other end linked to my life. I had known all along. Perhaps theone concern I had was that he would be unpredictable. If I could stay out of his way ad not be a hindrance, my living circumstances would improve. All I required was one premonition… One claircognizant vision was all it would take to tell me what he was going to do so I was prepared to counter. If I was ready to react, I wouldn’t be dragged around as much. Ryuu wouldn’t be as mad as he could be with a child strapped to him.

    This entire situation was a blessing in disguise. He could not kill me without ending his own life as well. Really, he had been the only major threat to my life since the beginning. If I had not been chained to him, he would have killed me on sight.

    I inhaled slowly when I overheard Ryuu swear to himself, and flinched when the demon dropped to his knees to pound his fists into the metal plate. I could hear the impacts rattling, making dents in the metal disc. I swallowed the saliva building up in my mouth.

    I didn’t say anything to him, though. I knew if I said something, he would just get angrier. He would tell me to shut my mouth, most likely. So, I focused on checking out the arena. And… It wasn’t exactly the greatest set-up if I wanted to be found.

    A corn field. Were the Gods running out of ideas? Maybe. All I knew was that I really did not like this arena. The corn stalks towered, and even went past Ryuu’s height. So, I couldn’t even see if there was something beyond it. We were in an open ‘crop circle’, him and I… And two other pairings were with us. Well, one, actually. Akira and Kaito made up one pair. The other‘pair’ consisted of Jin by herself. Were the Gods trying to mock Ryuu? Trying to make him angry? Well, of course they were. An angry Ryuu was an entertaining show to them.

    Jin jittered on her feet back and forth; as though it was unbearable for her to keep still. The human consistently unclenched her fists, as her eyes darted from the pile of weapons at the center, to one of the open paths into the cornfield. There were three open paths; however it didn’t make much sense. One could always charge through the corn itself…

    That’s when it hit me. I saw what I had been waiting for. I closed my eyes as my mind shuttered out a film for me. I could see Ryuu andmyself right there in the cornfield. I could see how he reacted to the cannon, and how I was dragged around by his strength. But, like every future, it could be changed if I acted to the information given. I memorized the steps he took.Where he would go. What he would do. And I redid the motions within my head. Alright… I could do this.
    As for the corn maze and the traps? Well, Ryuu would figure that out on his own.

    ([email protected] You are in the corn fielf section of the arena.

    Ryuu - Marisa
    Akira - Kaito
    Jin *Single*)
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