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I recently stumbled upon this news report by the BBC from earlier in the year. It mentioned a survey done by the british lung foundation, a charity which focus on lung health.

They have some interesting findings about the use of Marijuana on the lungs: Source Link
  • Risk of developing lung cancer is up to twenty times greater in a cannabis cigarette than in a tobacco cigarette – yet 88% of the public believe tobacco cigarettes pose the greater risk
  • A third of people believe cannabis does not harm your health - despite established scientific links to TB, acute bronchitis, lung cancer and other health problems


new research conducted for the report shows that public awareness of the health consequences of smoking cannabis remains worryingly low, with almost a third of the British population (32%) believing that smoking cannabis is not harmful to your health. This figure rises to almost 40% amongst those aged under-35 – the age-group most likely to have smoked it.
With such an established charity group supported by such findings (both scientific and social) perhaps some of you should rethink the damage cannabis can do to you.


Do you think it would be better to legalise Cannabis in the hope that these reports are wrong, or legalise it and find that actually it's a severe danger?

In my eyes it is far better to be cautious and do the testing before hand, from the looks of it the evidence of damage via cannabis smoking is pretty strong. If anything, I feel that Marijuana should be treated in the same way we deal with prescriptions drugs which may help us but have potentially dangerous side effects.
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