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Originally Posted by Psystar63 View Post
No problem! I'll try my best to keep this club going! :D

Now, the new topic:

I absolutely LOVE Charizard's shiny sprite!!! It look's so freakin' awesome with those deep-red wings... I spent months trying to breed a shiny Charmander, as well as SRing on my LeafGreen for who knows how long...
Before Hydreigon came around, it was the closest thing I could get to having a black dragon, since I didn't really feel like restarting my Ruby to try and SR for a shiny Rayquaza.

Rayquaza has an awesome 'black dragon' sprite too! That yellow on it kinda reminds me of an Umbreon.

Lugia and Ho-Oh have great shiny sprites as well. I wish I had the patience to SR for them... Ahhh, I adore shiny Ho-oh's wings....

Random thing, but I noticed that a lot of shinies in Gen 2 are pink... Probably because of original GameBoy colours. But that's getting off topic!
i have to agree with u star!! all the sprites u posted are one of my fave one <3333

Originally Posted by SummerSkies View Post
Hello, I would like to join this club.

Favorite Pokemon:Pidgey, Starly, Taillow, Swablu, Ducklett, Rufflet, Murkrow, Spearow, and basically all bird Pokemon
Favorite Move:Brave Bird
Partner Pokemon and Pokemon's name:Samuel the Pidgeot
Answer to the topic (you only have to answer one):I adore Staraptor and Braviary's shiny sprites. I love how the blue parts of the Pokemon matches with the brown parts of the Pokemon.
Would you like to be notified when new features, games, and competitions are added to the club?No
welcome to the club SummerSkies! i hope u have fun here!!

Originally Posted by Psystar63 View Post
like bird Pokemon too. And Staraptor's and Braviary's shiny sprites are cool! That blue looks so good on Braviary, and I like that little touch of light blue on Staraptor's comb. I haven't been fortunate enough to run into a shiny Braviary or Staraptor. But I did encounter a shiny Vullaby on my Black game. If I had White instead of Black, that could've been a shiny Rufflet...

gotta agree about taraptor and Braviary's shiny sprites

Originally Posted by Psystar63 View Post
Who else here has gone up against Faulkner, Winona or Skyla in the PWT?
i haven't played black/white 2 yet so .....xD

i also like shiny sprites of




it time for a new topic
Which flying Pokemon's shins sprite should be recolored?