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Originally Posted by jmapple10 View Post
someone help me? when i try to play .gba games (emerald and hacks) on vba 2 strange things happen.
1. just before going into a battle the lines that go across screen stop for about 1 second. not that bad i know but number 2...
2. you know when a 'mon uses growl or something and those lines go up or down it to show a stat change? well on mine they go up or down the whole screen. freaky i know

i know the roms are fine, and i've never known anyone to have this same problem. i've tried no$gba but there's the fog problem with that. any suggestions?

(note: strangely the only .gba rom that hasn't done this is ruby destiny rol)
It is either corrupt ROM's or you need to edit your video settings on the emulator.
My guess would be corrupt ROM's seeing as you said that it doesn't do this on Ruby but does on Emerald and other hacks.
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That's about as much as you're going to get for now...

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