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    Amy's Neighborhood Ruins


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    Chapter One:
    Neighborhood Ruins

    Part One

    For the most part, despite the unsettling and disgusting feeling of Lucy's innards, Amethyst had settled in quite calmly. It was rather difficult to tell what was going on, not that Amy was concerned about it right now. She needed some time to sulk... In fact, she began to nod off...

    She found herself sitting in a comfy chair, under a spotlight, surrounded by darkness. Before her are two Pokemon, a Weavile familiarly known as Blade, and a Haxorus, who by her own choice declined to have a name. Amethyst glanced at them both, then at the dark surrounding. "Where... Where are we?"

    Blade opened his mouth to speak, though the Haxorus spoke instead, causing Blade to cross arms and tap his foot impatiently. "We're inside your subconscious. You can see us, and you know what we look like. This is something that makes you special."

    Amy tilted her head to the side. "Wait... I thought everyone could see spirits--"

    Blade spoke this time, shaking his head. "Nope. And it's not because you know what Pokemon look like either, kid. You have the gift of heightened vision; you can see things that others can't. Like us, for example."

    "But... Why are you telling me this?"

    Haxorus spoke, her voice solemn as usual. "It's something that may help you in the future. That said... I have a request of you."

    Amy only nodded in silence, acknowledging Haxorus.

    "As much as I do wish to help you... I want to go back home."

    "Huh? Where is your home?"

    "My home... As far as I'm concerned... Is atop Mount Coronet. My only request is that you release me among the other spirits. If you do, I know someone there that would be very much willing to help you on your journey."

    "Oh... Okay. Next time I get the chance, I'll ask Lucy to take us up there and I'll let you go." Amy finished with a sweet smile.

    "Your kindness is truly extraordinary... I don't think I can repay you."

    "No need... I want to make people happy." Her smile grew as she said this, once again feeling cheery and joyful once more.

    "And kid," Blade spoke, as the whole place began to fade, "be careful out there. If you die, what the hell am I supposed to do?"

    Amy giggled, before blacking out, and reawakening just in time to hear Lucy shouting at someone... To 'shut up'? With a lack of context, Amy couldn't tell what was going on. Then, out of nowhere, a magical sensation filled her body. It made her feel well-rested and full of energy. Once again, no explanation. It was only after a short time (and some tumbling) later that she was suddenly released from the bowels of... Lucy's bowels. It's a Girl!

    Lucy had immediately begun drying her off with a random rag. Thank you, that was disgusting Amy took the rag and finished cleaning herself off, smiling a bit as she stood up straight, stretching out her legs and arms with a delightful popping noise. She froze for a moment, just now taking in her surroundings. "We-- We're here!! And-- This is my house!" Amy cheerfully hugged Lucy about as tightly as the young girl could, before nearly screaming in delight. "That's my dress!! And that one's my mom's..." She trailed off, examining the red 'shirt' dress Lucy was wearing. Honestly Lucy might be expecting her to get upset at the moment. "It... It looks good on you." Amy in turn smiled and hugged Lucy once more. She released the hug after a few long seconds and examined the remains of her ancient house.

    "Hmm... I think I can find my big backpack in here, and we can bring some spare clothes with us." She seemed to be having trouble holding in her excitement. She paused, however, watching Lucy. There were two spirits among her now. "Oh... That's an... Um..." She thought back to her reading. "An Audino! Cool!! When did you get her?"

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