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Sarion Doji

Sarion knew that N and Team Plasma would soon try to take control of Nimbasa City. N was swooping over the city, casting a dark shadow over the city. "Everyone, release your Pokemon, now! We must liberate our Pokemon, we shall be equals in life!".

Why is everyone coming out of their homes, letting their Pokemon free? They should know all of this Liberation is a load of crap!, he thought.

"N! You will never succeed in you're nonsense!" Sarion and his father were against liberation.

Sarion was to receive his new Pokemon today. His Zebstrika was in Storage right now. He just hoped he would be aable to still get one, what with the city liberating their Pokèmon.

"Liberation is something that will happen sooner or later, man!" N bellowed from the sky. "We might as well do it now before it gets complicated in the future?"

"It is already complicated, you're destroying any future that there could of been. If you want a better world with happiness and peace, liberating Pokemon is the wrong way of doing it!"

"Oh, stop blubbering ... It was going to happen sometime, and that time is now!" and N flew away out of Nimbasa City.

Sarion's father was red with anger, he was sweating with fury, he looked like he might explode ...

"You showed that coward!" Sarion grinned. "Are you all right though?"

"Of course I'm alright, son!" said his father. "I'm just showing that fool of a man that what he's doing is nonsense! It's my job, I guess, there isn't many people in the world who'll say NO to N."

"Dad ... Will I still be able to get my Pokemon today?" Sarion asked. "The sooner I get my Pokemon,the better! I want to show N and all of his Plasma morons the true way of life with their Pokemon!"

"Of course son, we'll be leaving at sunset, so be prepared to receive your Pokemon!"


All Sarion knew that they were heading towards Undella Town, and that he was receiving a Pokemon. He didn't know why they had to travel almost half of Unova just to have a Pokemon, why couldn't they just be presented to him at home?

"Daaaaaaaad ..." Sarion mumbled. "Why do we have to travel half of the Region just to get my Pokemon from the Council?"

"With a lot of Nimbasa now listening to the Regime, it may be dangerous there, so we're going to Undella Town. We don't want a load of N's followers calling us traitors and betrayers, do we? Once N has been proven wrong and he is defeated, hopefully everyone will return normal. And we don't want to be on the bad side of Chucki Vorris, do we?"

Chucki was a retired boxer with a small, brown goatee and sideburns. He was muscly, and most of his shirts were ripped due to him always ripping them, and he does that very often. He's a strong man who will beat you up in about 5 seconds if he wanted to.

"Mmm ... you've got a point there Dad."

They had arrives. Sarion was told to wrap his Dad's jumper around his eyes and don't take it off until told. It smelled disgusting, like his Dad put on far too much aftershave. He might have fainted, but he was allowed to take off the smelly jumper.

"Thanks Dad ... I thought I might fa-"

"Ta-Da! Here is your selection of Pokemon!"

"Wow Dad ... wow ... wow!" he was lost for words. "Can I pick now?"

"Yes, yes!"

There was one labelled PURRLOIN. Ew, cats, no. The next one was labelled Patrat. Rats? No. He looked through the others until he found one labelled Scraggy. It sounded messy, clumsy, like him!

"Dad, I am going to pick ... Scraggy!"

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