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    Originally Posted by Checkers_Albino_Umbreon View Post
    I added that little bit because I was at my Grandma's house and I had to get off before I could finish.
    Even if you're on different computers, you can still PM the story to yourself so you can work on it later. Or maybe even start writing it on paper so that when you get home, you can type what you wrote and then add the rest when you're at your regular computer.

    But I am more of a short story person. If I added more it would be to long for me and I could get a little bored and stray off topic.
    Short stories are fine, but I'm not asking you to add more to the plot. You just need more details for things to make sense. For instance, you never mentioned that there was a too-small cardboard box, and that was why Aspen slept outside. Even just by mentioning that, the story starts to make a little more sense.

    It may not be the best. But I like it. It doesn't need to go in the archives. I like it. So it's in the archive of my mind.
    If you like it just how it is and won't follow any of the advice given, then maybe you shouldn't have posted this on the forums? You're going to get feedback here and there are rules here to follow.

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