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    Hey people! I am a newbie to the pokemon era just started watching season 4 (episode 161 ) and as the past seasons i am still loving it :p! Thought there is one thing that wonders my mind, those intros before the episode starts always contained some kind of a legendary pokemon and in the past seasons all the intros had some different kind and now starting season 4 i have still only seen MewTwo escaping the lab and that pretty much it, ( well i did see the movie but still if we dont count those ) so wanted to ask without making any big spoilers or anything because i still have lots of seasons to watch will this linear of going to this city to get this badge thought i get side-tracked about 30 episodes break and start also making some drama ;P like team rocker,legendaries and those kind of stuff because i have found myself kinda skipping episodes now when its just meet a person,help him,pikachu gets stolen, pikachu uses thunder bolt, pikachu is saved,meet a person... and etc not complaining or anything just wondering what do i have to expect from my future watches, thanks in advance :D!
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