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Personally, I don't enjoy the anime. I loved the first season when I was a child, but when you keep on watching them, you realize it's always the same. You can check that by yourself, you'll realize when you watch a couple of seasons. There are the amazing episodes, those in which legendaries appear or just interesting battles, and I don't think there's anything else.

But I don't want to disappoint you! Pokemon is amazing, and though I prefer the videogames to the anime, if you really enjoy the anime, you'll love it. But, as I said, you'll find that seasons look very similar (aside from the obvious aspects). Anyway, you shouldn't miss the first season.

I'd recommend you to watch the movies. I find them more interesting than the anime and there are lots of legendaries, which you seem to enjoy. Give them a try!

Allez, hop!
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