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Creed Reese

"Before we start, I do have to ask...are you really going to fight blindfolded?" Creed's opponent asked. "I already have an advantage, it would definitely be disrespectful of me to take anymore than what is given to me."

Creed, again, bore a smile and said, "My, my; you're way more chivalrous than that coward I fought back in Floaroma. I think I like this new Gin. But I'm blind. It seems that my sight is returning and it's a hell of a lot more annoying than being blind. This blindfold isn't really comfortable, being bloody and makeshift as it is, but it gets the job done." The grin on Gin's face loosened and he looked at Creed with a dumbfounded expression. Creed, not knowing what was going on, raised his eyebrow. Then, Gin started laughing again, and loudly.

"Are you serious!? I actually lost to a blind kid?" He continued to laugh, wiping the tears from his face. "I-I honestly can't freakin' believe this." He put his weapon away, still chuckling a little, and said, "C'mon." He motioned for Creed to follow him (not that Creed could see him) and started to walk in the direction that Creed was originally going. Creed, still confused, waited a few moments before following. The ground wasn't exactly smooth, given that a lot had happened to Mt.Coronet in years past, what with the Team Galactic incident and the "tremor" that started the whole mess. Yet, still, it was relatively quiet. "Tell me about yourself, kid."

Creed was put off by all of...this. Never had he experienced such a paradigm shift, it was actually quite jarring. It was the first time he'd actually felt nervous in a social interaction with someone else. "What's with the change of heart?" He said in a somber voice. "I thought you were going to kill me."

"I will," Gin replied confidently. "But there's no sense in beating up an injured one-armed blind kid. There's no merit, no pride, no honor."

"You talking about pride?" Creed laughed to himself sarcastically. "I didn't think you had any of that. You seemed like just the type to-"

"I changed. I was a broken man when we first met, the love of my life became a martyr and my lovely daughter..." He turned to Creed. "She became like you." Creed remained silent and continued to walk. He didn't show any emotion towards Gin's statement. He didn't show any emotion at all. "...I should thank you, though. You broke me out of the funk I was in, made me realize that I can't blindly take out my rage on a specific group just because of a few incidents."

"That's common sense." Creed said sardonically.

"Not when you're as broken as I was, it isn't." Tarsus stopped and put his hand on Creed's shoulder. "Sit down." Before doing so, Creed looked in Gin's direction with yet another somber look. He was disinterested but he couldn't afford to disobey. He sat down and then Tarsus took off his blindfold.

"H-hey! What are you-"

"Shut up," He said, looking into Creed's eyes. Just as he'd expected, they were a brown color that faded into black more towards the center. The kid was indeed regaining his eyesight, but for the most part he was still blind. He took from his pocket a black handkerchief. "The color black really helps to hide the mucus," Tarsus said with a chuckle, causing Creed to almost break into a snicker himself. He folded the top and bottom inward and placed the hankerchief over Creed's eyes, tying it in the back. Creed was confused and a little embarrased, this was all so uncalled for. "Okay, now strip."

Creed's eyes shot open and he darted backwards into a wall. "WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH! No way man, I didn't do anything to deserve this!" He said hurriedly. "Oh, I see, you lure children in by giving them new blindfolds and crap and that's when you strike, huh!? You're sick, you know that? Keep away from me! I don't care how dangerous you are, I'm not going to be your prey!"

At this, Tarsus twitched and bit his lip. "You friggin' idiot, I was saying that you look like crap and your clothes are already torn! Now get over here!"

Creed shot Tarsus a look of distrust and slowly yet reluctantly made his way over. He went to take off his shirt but something The shape of whatever he was grabbing was not familiar. As he grasped around, he noticed that he was often touching his skin in places where he clothes should have been. It was worse than he thought. He tore whatever he could and sat down. Gin reached into his knapsack and pulled out some kind of cloth, which he placed around Creed. "What-what the heck is this? I look like some freakin' wandering samurai!"

"It's all I had."

"Why do you have this!? Are you in some kind of cosplay group, because that's what all this feels like!"

"Look, it's all I got; take it or leave it."

"Tch," Creed said, standing up. He turned to leave and asked, "'re gonna let me go? Why?"

Gin remained silent for a few moments and said, "...Because we're the same."

Creed gave a hearty laugh and said, "That's pretty cliche." He then changed his tone and said, "But go on, I'm listening."

"We're both a victim of circumstance, acting off of emotion rather than thought in the beginning. We were both being played by God, puppets to our faith. Then, you changed me...and someone or something else changed you. I sympathize with you." There was a brief pause, a stillness in the area that was almost unsettling. "I also promise that I'll be the one to kill you. I've put my hatred for the Wielders behind me...but there's something that still exists deep down, something that's tugging at me, something I can't shake. It's truly nothing against you, and it's rather unfair to you...but I have to try."

After another few moments of silence, Creed started towards the exit. "Wait," Tarsus said. "This may be a lot to ask, but...please, if you come across my daughter, Cecilia...take care of her. Creed looked to his side, as if to show that he acknowledged Gin, and then made his way out of the mountain, without saying a word.
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