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I don't think Game Freak could have pulled it off. A large part of the fun of pokemon is using the different pokemon, and having new pokemon to look forward to using. A game with only old pokemon would have crippled the series in my opinion. Sure BW2 didn't introduce any new pokemon, but there were the new 156 or so that BW introduced to play around with. Also, the storyline wouldn't have made sense, (as for the replacement reshiram/zekrom) and starting off with old starters would have been a bore. I know I would not have enjoyed this. I love using new pokemon; using ones I've used before makes the games unenjoyable for me. Also, BW was all about giving a jumpstart to the series, which I doubt could have been done very effectively with old pokemon. I do think this region with all old pokemon would appeal to many older and nostalgic fans, but I only see it really appealing to Western fans. The Japanese, I doubt would enjoy a "rehash" of the old regions, and they ARE the main customer. And I also feel that many would become aggravated at having NO new pokes whatsoever, like I would. Finally, this couldn't have worked because having only old mons really closes off the series. It makes it somewhat unapproachable to new players, and makes it incredibly hard to move forward with new pokes in the next generation, as it would have cemented the OLD POKEMON RULE philosophy.
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