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Spark crash landed after a short time of flying, she was trembling with energy and her heart raced. Electricity jumped off of her, scorching the grass, the whole event caused her great pain. She screamed at the top of her lungs in agony, "Make it stop!" She squirmed in pain on the ground. "Please!" She wailed, crying loudly.

At first she couldn't understand why this was happening to her. Though it became progressively more obvious as she remembered. She had barely used her electricity since Arc had died, now it was built up and overcharging her. Unsure about how to release all of the energy stored within her without causing an explosion she writhed in pain.

Flames started dancing on the grass near her, and there were no people around to help her. What help could they give me, I'm a death trap if anything. The pain never le up, it seemed like an eternity of torment. Spark's vision began to blur, she felt an overbearing feeling to fall asleep. Before she lost consciousness, she saw a hand grab her, "Arc?" She whispered, blacking out.

When she awoke, she found herself unable to move anything but her eyes and mouth. "Hello?" She said wearily. She wasn't outside anymore, but inside a building. "W-where am I?" She tried to move, but her entire body wouldn't respond. Figures, I paralyzed myself. How embarrassing.

"Calm down, please! I'm not a threat." Spark heard the voice, but couldn't move her head to see the face. "I know you said to deliver this note but I do not remember who to look for! So I followed you outside the city as fast as I could. Then I saw you plummet from the sky and I had to help."

Oh so it was him... Spark was relieved it was someone she at least knew and didn't want to eat her. The boy walked around the bed she was laid on and sat in a chair facing her. Spark noticed burns on his arms and hands, she felt guilty. "I figured you would be paralyzed after all of that electricity, unfortunately I ate the last berry I had to cure that in order to carry you here without paralyzing myself."

"Don't worry about it, I don't think I could be angry." She wasn't sure how long she would be paralyzed, "How long will I be here?"

"How should I know?" He wasn't blunt about the statement, but apologetic. "You are welcome to stay here, I'll take care of you until you get better."

Spark felt ashamed to be so helpless, but it wasn't like she could just leave. "Fine, thank you."

"I'll look for that girl again, I promise to deliver the message." He bowed and motioned to leave.

"Wait! Don't leave me alone..." She said in a lonely tone, "Who are you?"

"Well if you ask me not to leave, then I won't. Do you mean my name? Nobody ever calls me by my name..." He thought for moment, "I can't remember it."

"You can't remember your name!?" She exclaimed. "Well why not make one up?" Her inability to move made her feel weak, and she really just wanted to talk.

He looked at the ceiling, then at his feet. "I can't think of one..."

"Well how about I give you one?" He nodded, and Spark closed her eyes, "How about Makoto? I once knew a guy named that."

"I suppose I can take that name, Makoto." He let it sink in, "I swear not to forget it!"

"Can you stay here until she gets here? I'll send you out when she gets here." She could see her friend approaching. They began talking about their past.
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