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This is a weird one. I think that Homework could be reduced, but instead of having a longer School day, we could have shorter holidays. Homework is quite important though, independent work in which you have a deadline to finish this in. I think as a school child, you are completely capable of doing this. During my school life, I found that the lazier people were the ones not doing their homework. The ones that sat around and couldn't give a Monkey's about their homework. Homework lets us to think about what we have done at School, what we learnt, and really sink in. Plus, as I mentioned, the idea of it being independent work that has a deadline gets us prepared for what a job is like. It requires similar skills and gives you a good indication on how you can work by yourself.

Homework is down to the student and encourages education. Not everyone focuses in class and being able to do work at home independently lets you fully engage in the subject.

I think that education should be becoming more serious, I think there is a lot of leniency in the way a lot of people are taught and the students who were never the most intelligent of people are not getting as much attention to learning as they need. A lot of the 'dumber' pupils aren't always sought out for and that's why we get higher unemployment rates. People aren't working as hard and getting a job is becoming increasingly harder. I say we stick to homework, stick to school hours but have more school days in which we can encourage students to work hard and help them understand the current situation with unemployment.

There has been a bit of debate on how we should bring back the style of learning they had a few decades ago, when they really were able to bring out the best of people such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs etc. Maybe there was just a smaller world to fill with all these new famous inventions. I'm not saying we should bring back whips or whatever but have something that keeps us working hard and making sure we understand everything. As a 14-year-old I may not have given the best of a discussion point but there we go...

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