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    I started playing DOTA 2 almost a month ago, and ever since i've been almost addicted to playing this game. I don't typically play MOBA titles, but since most of my friends play it and it has customization (which tends to instantly make me interested in any game) I decided to give it a try. I tend to see too much BS about LOL and DOTA 2 and which one is better, but honestly I just see them as two seperate MOBA titles and nothing else. I have never played LoL either, and I have no intention on it either, not because I hate it, but because I already have lots of games i'm playing.

    Anyways, my main character is Morphling, simply because he has such awesome skills and with the right equipment and knowledge of him, you can solo almost any hero. But I mainly use Morphling when I play with friends, because public lobbies are a complete pain to deal with, mainly due to the fact that most people just do their own thing, don't act as a team, feed the enemy team, and/or complain all day, which is why I think DOTA 2's community really needs to change.

    My main character for pubs is Ursa, simply because he is a complete powerhouse and I can easily support my team in most situations. (Except for when the enemy team is fed too much or when they actually decide to work together as a team and barrage me with stuns...)

    As for my third, I don't really know. I would have to say Jakiro, because he is the most annoying hero to deal with early to mid-game because of his skills and high usefulness as a support.

    Besides that, I really miss Diretide. I used to play it all the time to get items, and I really hope they bring it back someday as a permanent game mode and not a Halloween only event. It was also very fun to play with friends.

    I'm on Steam most of the time now, and I play DOTA 2 often, so i'm available if anyone wants to party up. Just send me a VM or PM here on PC with your Steam username so I know who you are, then add me on Steam. I tend to decline random friend requests.

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