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Hello all. I was looking into doing this challenge for something to occupy my spare time with, so sign me up. Do I just post my progress here? I'd also like to do the run with a Raichu, my favorite pokemon.

Name: Flynn.

Rival: Clu

Pokemon: Tron the Raichu.

Games I'll be playing:
Kanto: Leaf Green
Johto: Crystal
Hoenn: Emerald
Sinnoh: Platinum
Unova: White 2

I've just started Leaf Green so I will post my progress sometime tomorrow.

The only hacking I have done is setting up my starter pokemon as Raichu for Crystal, Leaf Green, and Emerald. For Platinum and White 2 I plan to use pokegen to edit the saves before my first rival battle.

Since I won't be at those games for a bit, to what extent can I edit my Raichu? Do I set everything to random, or can I edit his nature, ev's, and skills but still start at a level 5? Or, at the very least, edit his nature?