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    Hi PC. I'm xWhyNotx, but you can call me Piplup. I am posting this to bring together a great group of hackers who, together, can make the greatest hacks ever. The goals for this team are simple. We will work on the hack known as Pokemon: White Noise. If the team works great together like I hope, we may do another hack. For now, let's just focus on this project.


    Hack of: Pokemon: Fire Red (U)

    You awaken. The world is strange. Darkess, destruction. What happened? Is it all really just a dream? NO! It's the future. Celebi has seen the strength within you to stop this devistation. Celebi sends you back to your own time where you must stop Dialga and Palkia from destroying the world. You leave your hometown determined to do great things. Whether that means saving the world or winning the world championship. As you embark on your adventure you find the region is being terrorized by a group known as Team Nova. They plan to capture the legendary pokemon and use them to control the region. They have brainwashing machines that will make the pokemon do what they say! You must stop them before they succeed! You cannot let them go through with their plans. The world rests in your hands!

    -New region and towns
    -New overworld sprites
    -New rivals and evil teams
    -New tiles
    -4th and 5th generation pokemon
    -All legendary pokemon
    -New storyline and events
    -Choose 1 of all 15 starter pokemon
    -possibly a second region (letting there be 16 badges total)

    -World Map Editor
    -OW Spriter
    -Animation Editor
    -Battle Spriter

    xWhyNotx - Scripter, mapper, title screen editor, pokemon sprite inserter
    Dwe51 - Tile inserter
    ForsakenPanda - OW Spriter
    KirakonGxi - Co-owner, tile editor/inserter, mapper, Banner Maker, Scripter
    OrangeNess - Mapper
    Bluedeedrock - Scripter, Storyline helper, future ASM hacker

    Application Form:
    Time Zone-
    Hacking Skills-
    Contact information(preferably msn):-
    Proof of works(Optional):-
    Past Projects(Optional):-
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