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    Originally Posted by von Weltschmerz View Post
    As a "dealer," I can tell you the chances of getting laced marijuana are fairly slim. No one is going to waste a 60 dollar bag of blow to lace 5 bucks worth of pot. And since the prescription pills can go for at least 5 bucks a pop and youd need a lot more than one to even lace a couple of buds. Unless you just happen to have a lot of drugs lying around... youd go broke. Quick. It just doesnt happen. If they have an ulterior motive they might.... but that brings the discussion to a whole new area that we dont need to go into.
    Yes I know marijuana isn't usually laced but when I live literally 5 min from the hood in W. Chicago, don't you think I'd hear about it? ALL THE WEED UP HERE IS LACED. It doesn't matter what strain it is, hell they even soak kush in PCP. Why? I don't know. Now if you get out of the hood and go to the other neighborhoods in W. Chicago your usually safe, but the hood, hood has laced weed everywhere. It's just the stuff they sell. Regular drug dealers, no it's not in they're interest to lace weed cos they're losing money. Gangs on the other hand don't care. They do it cos PCP is addicting not because it gets you higher. Not to mention I personally know people in the hood and they directly told me they lace they're weed.

    Edit: as for pcp... in liquid form... thats a couple hundo per oz. I dont know how much youd need to lace weed... but its still profit loss if your putting it on your weed and still selling it for the same price. When people lace cannabis with pcp is mostly so that THEY can smoke it. I know there are people who would and do lace it... but that minority is so small when it comes to marijuana.
    PCP is cheap, cheap; compared to marijuana that is. They sell they're baggies for 30 bucks and it's kush soaked in PCP. They got "shake" weed which is also kush but kiefed of the THC and then dipped in PCP and they do .5 kush, .5 K2/spice for 20 bucks. That's just what they sell. The messed up thing is, they go down to DeKalb, IL where NIU is and they sell it to the college students. DeKalb is 60 mi from Chicago, so from Chicago through the suburbs to DeKalb there's laced weed everywhere.

    Edit edit: and arresting people for having a pound... um what? No! Thats what were kind of fighting against. That would not be legalization. You cant chalk up the law to YOUR smoking habits. I could easily go through a pound in a day. Easily.
    I doubt you could honestly get a pound of purple kush and smoke it in a day. Maybe an oz or 2. Do you realize how much a pound is? A pound of good weed (kush) costs anwhere from $2,000 to $3,500. So no I doubt you can smoke that much in a day. Nobody's gonna go through a pound in a day, they're doing it to sell. Look at the numbers, that's a lot of cash. No matter which way you look at it, your in buisness when you have that much on you. You'd have to smoke a gram joint every minute to smoke a pound. Wanna know would happen about 3 hours into that? Your throat would burn so bad that you couldn't smoke anymore and tear up your throat, or you'd pass out.

    Actually I guarantee you, you can't smoke a pound easily. You know how idiotic that sounded? It's physically IMPOSSIBLE to smoke a pound of dro by yourself. 5 people couldn't even go through half that in a day. Now if you said oz, I would believe you but a pound, na dude it's impossible. Don't quote back saying that you can and to start a flame war cos I know what I'm talking about. I've been smoking for 4 years now and that's just WAY too much smoke to inhale, PERIOD. No if, and, or but's about it IMPOSSIBLE.

    Also... i dont know anyone who sells because its "fun". They sell because they need the money....
    As I said eariler, regular dealers up here don't. It's the street gangs. Also, street gangs don't sell it cos they need money. Wanna know why they sell it? They don't wanna get shot. If you disobey your hood leader he's gonna shoot you cos he thinks your gonna rat him out. I personally know people in street gangs up here and they want the hell out. They can't get out cos they'll get shot. Once you join there's no way out. They also sell it to take over more hoods. They wanna send OTHER street gangs OOB. Street gangs are filthy rich, they're driving around $250,000 cars. So no they don't sell cos they need money. You wouldn't understand what I'm talking about unless you lived at the edge of the hood. Theres even a couple G's in my neighborhood. I gotta watch what color I wear or I may be mistaked for a Vice Lord, Black Mafia, Latin King, or Folk for my colors even tho I'm white. I know this has nothing to do with the discussion I'm just tellin you there's laced weed out cos I live so close to the hood.

    Even though you'd pass out trying to smoke a pound it's still not overdosing. Your gonna wake right up without any harm. Your gonna feel like crap but nothing "bad" is gonna happen. If you tried to pop a bottle of prescription pills, then ya you'd die, or you'd end up in the hospital with a tube coming out your stomach. Heroin, too much will kill you, PERIOD, END OF DISCUSSION. Too much blow may kill you. BUT too much marijuana will not kill you nor harm you.

    Another reason I believe it should be legalized is 1. It relieves stress, anxiety, any mental disorders, and appetite loss. It even helps people with insomnia sleep. So in comparison what's safer; marijuana or Xanax? Xanax is used for anxiety but highly addicting but marijuana does the same thing but not addicting. 2. It relieves pain, it doesn't completely get rid of it but it helps. Which is safer; Vicodin or marijuana? Marijuana, too much vicodin can kill and it's highly addicting as well. It's clear marijuana is the safest alternative to stress, appetite, anxiety, mental disorders, insomnia, etc.

    I spit fire, fr tho
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