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So, he named his Larvitar Shuriken? That was so cute! Ericka gave her Dratini another pet and turned her attention back to the PokéDex she had received from Professor Vayne. From her advice, she quickly looked through some of the options. There, she could see the map now. And there was her home town! She swiped through other options, including Ruby's moveset, which didn't make much sense to her anyway (Wrap? Leer? What?). Since PokéDexes could store data, she pointed it at Timothy. When that didn't work, she pointed it at his now named Larvitar, Shuriken. It seemed to make noises almost immediately.

"Larvitar, the Rock Skin Pokémon. A dual Ground and Rock type Pokémon. It feeds on soil until it turns into a pupa."

The voice was definitely the same as Timothy's and so was the explanation. Neat! At least she knew there was no difference between them, not that it mattered anyway.

"Alright," Timothy exclaimed, seeming to be heading off towards the door, "off to the Sahra Woods! Eri, you coming?" He turned around and fell over straight away. Ericka, though she knew it may have been a little mean, giggled at his face plant. Travelling with Timothy would be hilarious from the get-go if this was to go by.

"Yep!" she said, picking up Ruby and cradling her in her arms. "Onwards we go! To Sahra Woods!" She darted past Timothy before he fell over again and with her spare arm, grabbed him as Shuriken jumped on him and climbed to a safe distance, like his shoulders. When she thought Shuriken was safe, she pulled Timothy along and ran for the woods, laughing while she did.
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