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Originally Posted by Impo View Post
thanks, that was really helpful!

Apparently my maintenance intake should be around 2400 calories per day
I told it I was 174cm, weighed 64kg, and exercized 5 times a week
But I don't want to get really massive, I just want a little muscle (it's really hard to explain)

I have no idea how I'm going to eat that much today I've barely had 1500 yet today but oh well.
And the foods are great! I normally eat veggies a lot, and tons of water. I recently switched to brown rice, but not brown pasta (but I did buy some), I have muesli - which I hope is like oats - for breakfast usually, and I barely ever eat sweets (except for the occasional 85% dark chocolate).

I take a protein supplement (mushasi or something) 3 times a week after my runs but I don't think I'm the naturally slender person.

When I was in school I used to make sandwiches with brown bread and lettuce, carrot, cucumber, turkey, and cheese (and sometimes spinach if it was there) for lunch and yogurt, nuts, and fruit for recess. It was so much easier to eat healthy when I wasn't hope where mum had keeps all the crap
Oh, well you wont get massive unless you "bulk up" really. You'll put muscle on if you eat right regardless to start with, when it plateaus then bulking up is optional. As for the calories, you can tinker with it. The calorie split ive had most success with for me is around 40% of your overall calories come from carbs, ~40% from protein and ~20% from fats. I mean you can go something like 50% carbs, 30% protein and 20% fats, just what works for you really and when the results start showing.

Originally Posted by Yellow Silver Nostalgia View Post
Well that's simple, if you want to eat more, do more.

You're perhaps unlucky though. If I ate 1100 calories per day, I'd be very ill. I'm a 6'3" male desperately trying to gain weight, currently eating about 400 calories every waking hour.
Id recommend trying a weight gainer supplement, you'll save money in the long run and those are extremely helpful in regards to your goal. Also Peanut Butter and Nuts (lol im so immature) in general are fantastic, cheap, calorie dense foods that are rich in protein and healthy fats, i found having those around really helpful when i was struggling to get in enough calories throughout the day.
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