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Mothball tried his best to keep up, but Shuriken was actually very heavy and the added weight unbalanced him even more than usual. It didn't take long before his arm slipped from Eri's grasp and he began to slow down, his shoulder feeling very sore. Shuriken took this as her cue to jump back onto the ground with a thump.

Mothball winced a little and laughingly said, "I think that it might be best if you walked by yourself for a little." Shuriken dutifully began to plod alongside him. By that point they were already in the woods. Huh. It was amazing how much less time it took Eri to navigate their way down here than it took for Mothball to figure out how to get to the Professor's lab. Then again, she didn't stumble into a fruit stall every second step either. Just picking up all the oranges alone took him a really long time.

"I love the air," he said excitedly, looking up at the trees. He wasn't sure he'd ever seen this much green in his life. "This is so cool. We've got real live Pokemon and we're going on an actual adventure. Are you excited? Because I'm excited." He kept chattering away, keeping an eye on Shuriken because a part of him was afraid that she would run away or something the moment he turned his back. "Oh right, you should tell me about yourself! For all I know, you could be a psychopath." He paused for a moment. "Wait, you're not a psychopath, are you?"

He probably shouldn't have been splitting his attention between his Pokemon and trying to hold a conversation instead of looking ahead. Maybe then he would have avoided smacking his face into a tree branch, stumbling backwards a few paces, bumping into Shuriken, and then flailing his way into a bush.

Where he was promptly electrocuted.

The bright yellow light startled Shuriken, who proceeded to ready herself for battle. She ignored Mothball as he crawled out of the bush in favour of concentrating on the possible threat.

Mothball slowly got back to his feet and shook himself out. "That," he said, "was awesome."

The bush rustled a little before an irritated Pokemon jumped out. Underneath the creamy wool it had a blue body, other than the ears and tail which were striped black and yellow. Mothball fumbled for his Pokedex, which he dropped. Hurriedly, he picked it up and opened it before pointing it at the Pokemon. "Mareep, the Wool Pokemon. This Electric type Pokemon stores static electricity in its body. If this builds up, its fleece doubles in volume and its tail glows more brightly."

This Mareep, despite normally being as placid as any Mareep, was severely ticked off. She had had a very bad day already, and now something just fell on her right when she had just managed to drift off to sleep. "Reep!" she baa'd angrily, unaware just how adorable Mothball, the cause of her ire, found her. Without much warning, the Mareep began to charge forward towards Shuriken.

"Woah, wait, what are you doing?" Mothball said, suddenly sounding panicked. "We don't want to fight! I'm sorry about landing on you, I didn't mean it, I swear."

Mareep took no notice of him, concentrating on her attack. The impact slid Shuriken backwards by a little, but seemed to do little damage. The Mareep, on the other hand, staggered backward slightly and shook her head. Bashing skull-first into something literally as solid as rock was a little bit disorienting.

"Oh man, what am I supposed to do?" Mothball wondered, chewing his lip. He didn't want to fight. Did they have to fight? But he didn't want Shuriken to get hurt or anything, either. Shuriken, to her credit, was waiting for a command from her trainer. But she wasn't going to wait too much longer.

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