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    Originally Posted by LilJz1234 View Post
    Vianey! I got a BIG request from the my favorite #1 breeder

    I need ALL of the starters from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh! I hope it's not too big of a request :D

    Nuh-uh! Of course I'll do it for you!
    Let's see... from Kanto I'm only missing squirtle... Johto I have them all, Hoenn I've got them too and Sinnoh will be no prob. Just let me ask my friend for a Squirtle and I'll breed it for you.
    Can you wait until Sunday for them?

    Originally Posted by RouIette View Post
    Hi, I just started soul silver. XD i don't even have a friend code yet, so if you decide I can adopt, there's no rush! I don't even remember when i can get my code or anything, but I would absolutely love to adopt a Chimchar and one of your excellent gardevoir Ralts. oh and the swagger shinx? >: Also, do you name them if its requested? >:

    I'll try to catch things for you! >: But yeah, just started. If not, that's ok <3

    Hey! Great to see you here!
    Of course you can adopt here and as I see you've already got your FC so we can trade no prob. Ok, so it is a Chimchar and a Ralts and the Shinx with Swagger? I have one of those specially bred Shinx in my Diamond and in my Black version and, seriously, by the time they become Luxio they are near invincible. Those elemental fangs can bring down virtually ANYTHING. Immagine what they do when they become Luxray like mine!
    About the names, well, no one's ever asked me to name their adopted pokemon, but I can do it for you if you want (:
    Just one thing, can you give me your time zone so we can work something out?
    Thank you!


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