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0) i can only trade to black and white 2 games. my black 2 fc is 0777-2216-4481.
1) when im ask for a certain poke i will give out it nature, stats and moves
2) i do not iv breed pokes and same gos for natures
3) if u request a poke and once i have the requested poke, u will only have a week to pick i up. after that it will be traded to some one else, who wants it
4) i do not breed or take hacked pokes, if u find out u have gotten a hacked poke from me, i will refund u(though i may not know if i have a hacked poke)
5) im also open to trades for certain items(such as rare candys, some evoltion stones and certain item that help pokes evole, like metal coat)
6) i will update my lists as obtain pokes for breeding or trade or dw pokes
7) also the item i am offering will require some from of trade, wether it be another item or poke.

dw pokes:
shuckle x5, drifloon x2, munna x3, sigilyph x2, riolu x3, swablu x4, staryu x2, igglybuff x3, bronzor x3

baby depart: (please note i do not iv breed pokes and same gos for natures)
drowzee, cherubi, chimecho, duskull, surkit, farfetch'd, shuppet, paras, bronzor, hoothoot, abra, spearow, charmander, torchic, misdreavus, shello(female), chinchou, kecleon, spiritomb, scyther, nidoran, shellder, piplup, bulbasaur, gible, tropius, mawile, porygon, chimchar, ralts, kangaskhan, kriketot, spheal, spinarak, makuhita, numel, poliwag, seel, carnivine, carvanha, croagunk, clamperl, slowpoke, shinx, stantler, phanpy, skitty, taillow, cyndaquil, Geodude, Machop, Cacnea, diglett, bagon, delibird, onix, barboach, Ponyta, Bidoof, Hippopotas, vulpix

trade pokes:
jolteon lv.48, druddigonlv.67, luvdisc lv.55, maractus lv.19, escavalier lv.23, wynaut lv.39, elekid lv.13, roserade lv.30, lanturn lv.53, tyrogue lv.2, dratini lv.1, quagsire lv.55, magnezone lv.60, mandibuzz lv.59,wigglytuff lv.60, bellsprout lv.1,flareon lv.1, horsea lv.46, lumineon lv.44, vullaby lv.52, hydreigon lv.64, leafeon lv.4, volbeat(male) lv.40, pineco lv.54, delcatty lv.21, golbat lv.58, dragonite lv.56, lilligant lv.28, dunsparce lv.3, zapdos lv.53(cloned), magmortar lv.31, mantine lv.34, Volcarona lv.35, mamoswine lv.47

Item swap meet: (i trade item for item or pokes for items. exp: u have a water stone and u need a moon stone. ill trade u the moon stone for ur water stone.)
heart scale x10, fire stone, root fossil, armor fossil, moon stone x2, sun stone x2, leaf stone, thunderstone, pp up x10, green shard x10, blue shard x11

1) normal training
2) iv training
service terms and agreement: the price will vary by number of levels u wants and how iv training u want done. i will take rare candys and pokes in return for my services.

Wanted pokes:
Caterpie, Weedle, Pidgey, Ekans, pikachu, vulpix, jigglypuff, oddish, venonat, meowth, mankey, deino, exeggcute, tepig, pansage, pansear, jigglypuff, timburr, vaporeon, glaceon, solosis, elgyem, castfrom, nosepass, axew, larvesta, tynamo, alomomola, stoutland, flaaffy, scolipede, weezing, magmar, electabuzz, raticate, crobat, swoobat, gigalith, drilbur, lopunny, whimsicott, musharna, krokorok, darmanitan,crustle, scrafty, budew, blitzle, sawsbuck, litewick, cubchoo, drapion, grumpig, wingull, pawniard, tympole, waillord, walrein, altaria,vanillite, beldum, gothitelle, reuniclus, fearow, nidoqueen, chansey, dragonair, ledain, crabat, natu, bellossom, skiploom, wooper, slowking, girafarig, steelix, snubbull, slugma
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