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    First up date! Here's a diary of 3 days of playing:

    Day 1
    Received a lonely Charmander at Professor Oak's lab;
    Defeated rival Gary (first battle);
    Defeated gym leader Brock and got the Bouderbadge;
    Teached Mega Kick to Charmander;
    Defeated rival Gary at route 24;
    Defeated gym leader Misty and got the Cascadebadge;
    Charmander envolved into Charmeleon.

    Charmeleon knows:
    Ember / Mega Kick / Scary Face / Metal Claw

    Day 2
    Received S.S.Anne's ticket from Bill;
    Caught a Ratata for a HM Slave;
    Teached Dig and Brick Break to Charmeleon;
    Defeated rival Gary at S.S.Anne;
    Received HM01 Cut;
    Defeated gym leader Lt. Surge and received the Thunderbadge;

    Charmeleon knows:
    Flamethrower / Mega Kick / Dig / Brick Break

    Day 3
    Nicknamed my Charizard "Ryuuki";
    Defeated rival Gary at Pokemon Tower;
    Defeated gym leader Erika and received the Rainbowbadge;
    Received HM02 Fly from random girl at route 16 and teached it to Ryuuki;
    Defeated pseudo gym leader Koichi;
    Came back to Lavander Town to calm Cubone's mother spirit and rescued Mr. Fuji at Pokemon Tower;
    Received Poké Flute from Mr. Fuji;
    Battled wild Snorlax;
    Got really tired to wait for a Dratini, and changed my duo: catched a lonely Gyarados and nicknamed her Azula;
    Defeated gym leader Koga and received the Soulbadge.

    Ryuuki knows:
    Flamethrower / Fly / Dig / Brick Break

    Azula knows:
    Thrash / Bite / Twister / Leer

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