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Originally Posted by InToXiC8D View Post
I can't get to Four Island and further. I have defeated the Elite 4 and talken to Celio, but he says: " was trying to find the gem even while I was studying.¶ As a result, I've made no headway in both my search and studies...¶ If I relied on Bill, I'm sure my research would progress.¶ But this time, I want to try to do things by myself." This game is extremely time consuming with a great level of grinding or luck needed, but I don't want to have wasted my time by being stopped here.
I've just tested the Celio event, after deafeating the E4 he asked to get the Sapphire which I did and then he gave the Pass to access all seven islands. Have you got the National Dex from Oak with 60+ Pokemon? It still needs to be activated through that in order to progress.