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    I'll design a few banners, in trade for the following pokemon. I want them shiny, in a regular poké ball, under level 20, preferred male. No hacked pokemon! : charmander, gible, larvitar, bagon and dratini. Please, please make them learn dragon dance and outrage (or something like that). I'm on platinum, heartgold, black, white 2. How more pokemon I get, how more banners I will make. I have years of experience, you can expect quality. Thanks.
    I am looking for this pokemon; all shiny, with a good nature, not hacked or cheated, in a regular pokéball, I want to change their nick myself or you change it for me, with the selected moves, preferred male, good EV's, : gible/gabite/garchomp (outrage and dragon dane, no higher than lvl 55), gastly/haunter/gengar (under lvl 35), dratini/dragonair/dragonite (under lvl 50 or with outrage and dragon dance), larvitar/pupitar/tyranitar (under lvl 55, with some uber moves), abra/kadabra/alkazam (also some uber moves and good EVs), bagon/shelgon/salamence (dragon dance and outrage). If you can get me these pokémon (remember, shiny. I have them normal so I won't need them normal again.) PM me and we discuss about the trade. I have great offers as well. It has to follow all the restrictions. If you can give me them all at once, plus a shiny metagross (of course, I have an offer for him as well) you get a shiny rapidash above of my other offers as bonus! Thanks.
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