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Pokémon: Lost Souls


Hello there Pokécommunity! It's Carmaniac here (Well no duh) and today I'd like to present to you my (Rather old) Pokémon Emerald remake; Pokémon: Lost Souls. This is not like most remakes where the game developer has decided to base the game (Insert how ever many years here) before or after the series. I've decided to pretty much base it the same time as the existing series, but rather than just recreating it with new graphics, I've decided to remake this in a way that I would like to see the series be made. Anyway, the game is pretty much based the same time, with the same story, only adjustments to it. I've currently been working on the game for about 6 months, although only just really picked up progress in the past 3 weeks (Yes I'm a lazy sod.)

Game info:

--Team Leader--
--Team members--
-Rayquaza; Overworld sprites.


Welcome to the world of Pokémon, my name is professor Birch. There great turmoil here in the Hoenn region. Team Magma and Aqua are at it once more, they plan to use the legendary Pokémon Groudon and Kyogre to pursue their foolish plans. Team Magma want to use Groudons ultimate power to expand the land beyond it's limits while Team Aqua has the dream of mastering the seas and expanding it across the lands. It is up to you, Brendan/May to fight against the foolish teams and to stop them from disturbing the once peaceful balance of the Hoenn region. You will face a tough time trying to stop them, but hey, on the bright side at least you can pursue your dreams of becoming a Pokémon master! Good luck fellow player.


All new interfaces.
PokéNav making a powerful comeback.
Brand new tiles not used before.
Extra places new to the region to explore.
Battle League challenge.
Easy way to change your party around.

Battle League:

Battle league is a new series of trainer on trainer challenges that I am bring into the Hoenn region. This will feature a set of trainers on different islands of the region. The challenge is to defeat all trainers on each island in-order to gaine a different rank. You will be awarded certain prizes for defeating each island and a badge as it were.


Map(Warning quite big)

The menu took quite a bit to do, but basically, you're able to switch your Pokémon party around from there now, also able to check their Health and Experience. You can now also select the colour for all of the game from the options. You are able to choose out of 7 colours.


Princelegendario a.k.a. Heavy Metal Lover
Calis projects - template.
Luka. S.J. - Scripts + major help in teaching me coding.

Help needed:

I'm currently in need of spriters willing to help me re-sprite the Hoenn trainers and overworlds. Although any help in other sections would be appreciated.

Pokémon: Lost Souls.

Developed by Carmaniac.

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