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    Ok that's cool, is there any way to get that shiny charmander and gible in the feature? In what balls will they be caught? I'd like to trade for them or do some EV's. My shinies are: rapidash, mew, shaymin (I won't trade those 2 easily) and I can conjure a gyrados. Beside shinies I also have some lvl 100 and rare pkmn. Let me know something when you're ready.

    EDIT: I have pokérus, this could help.
    I am looking for this pokemon; all shiny, with a good nature, not hacked or cheated, in a regular pokéball, I want to change their nick myself or you change it for me, with the selected moves, preferred male, good EV's, : gible/gabite/garchomp (outrage and dragon dane, no higher than lvl 55), gastly/haunter/gengar (under lvl 35), dratini/dragonair/dragonite (under lvl 50 or with outrage and dragon dance), larvitar/pupitar/tyranitar (under lvl 55, with some uber moves), abra/kadabra/alkazam (also some uber moves and good EVs), bagon/shelgon/salamence (dragon dance and outrage). If you can get me these pokémon (remember, shiny. I have them normal so I won't need them normal again.) PM me and we discuss about the trade. I have great offers as well. It has to follow all the restrictions. If you can give me them all at once, plus a shiny metagross (of course, I have an offer for him as well) you get a shiny rapidash above of my other offers as bonus! Thanks.
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